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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about supporting our clients to open up new frontiers for the growth. We will always stay and act together with our clients towards the success, sharing all the challenges and joy.

Hiroshi Ohori / CEO

Based on over 20 year-experience of international business (mainly Marketing & sales) in Seiko Epson Corporation, Hiroshi founded Global Niche Partners, Inc. in 2014, to provide professional service of international operations for Japanese SMEs, such as developing sales channel, or bridging business alliance with overseas firms.
Including the experience in Seiko Epson Corporation, he has been actively involved in the international business for more than 350 companies and since the foundation of Global Niche Partners, over 80 SME companies.

From 2016, Hiroshi was assigned as “Overseas Business Development Expert” for Japanese Gov. organization “JETRO”, and has been acting in wider spheres.